Will Smith’s After Earth Continues to Plummet at the Box Office in 2nd Week

Will Smith and Jaden Smith in After Earth (2013) Movie Image

Awwwwwwww hell NAH.

It used to be you couldn’t go wrong with a Will Smith movie. Especially a Will Smith sci-fi movie. That day, apparently, is over. At least, if you insist on casting Smith as a sour puss who sits most of the movie inside a cockpit while his son runs around the jungle getting into all sorts of fun adventure.

M. Night Shyamalan’s “After Earth”, which opened in an embarrassing 3rd place last week, fell even further to 7th place in its second week. The Sony film has earned $46 million so far, which is a major disappointment considering that the film cost $130 million to make.

And remember, this is a Will Smith sci-fi movie.

There is good news, though: the film has already earned $48 million overseas, which gives its $95 million so far in worldwide total gross. That’s not bad, but remember that the $130 million is only the production cost. The movie was heavily promoted on a ton of platforms, so you’re probably looking at double the budget ($260 million, give or take, but definitely around that mark) before the film can even start to earn a profit.

Translation: Will Smith should re-think that “three is enough” nonsense when it comes to “Men in Black 4″.

Or how about “Independence Day 2″. If Roland Emmerich ever wanted to get that movie finally made with Smith onboard, this might be the perfect time for it … when Smith needs a major sure-thing hit.

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  • peter

    well the movie is terrible and anything with m. night. aborad is destined to flop so no surprise

  • Ben

    It isn’t a Will Smith movie, it’s a Jaden Smith movie.

  • Ryan Gonzo

    I liked it. Not sure why everyone is hating on it.

  • willy2fly

    I never forgave WS for Hancock. That movie was diabolical. I wont be watching this ever.

  • Joe

    Willy certainly won’t be getting that 50 million paycheck for Independence 2 and 3, lol. I might offer him 5 – 10 million at this point.

    “After Earth” is a career ruiner for Smith and Shyamalan

  • Ca. Rebel 77

    Sometimes politics can hurt box office.

  • mr.webos

    this movie crap

  • Petra

    I liked it!

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