What ABC’s New Fall Series Flash Forward Is Not

By endymi0n
Jun 18th, 2009

Scifiwire got a lucky peek at Sci-Fi series “Flash Forward” coming this Fall on ABC. In “Flash Forward”, everyone on Earth takes an involuntary 2 minute nap for a Sci-Fi reason. Those that successfully awaken from the nap recall a vision of their future 6 months hence. Once everyone wakes up (those that do, pity the skydivers with horrible timing) there is a mess to clean up and a mystery to solve.

Scifiwire was unable to tell the wider World exactly what happens in “Flash Forward”, but they do a good job dive bombing the truth then pulling up before they get lawyer all over them.

A taste of their thoughts.

No, it’s that rare thing in television: something completely new. And, at least judging by the big-screen Blu-ray version we saw, it will look absolutely gorgeous, not to say epic, for a TV show.

They liked it. This show has a really nifty cast full of real life good acting types like Joesph Fiennes and John Cho.

Speaking to a group on Wednesday, David Goyer, the executive producer had this to say.

“[But] it was written as a spec and originally was even anticipated to be an HBO show. So it wasn’t written at all for ABC or to be a Lost replacement. And I think the comparisons are accurate in that we also have a very large cast and are telling a very big, cinematic, ambitious story, but I think once you see the pilot … that’s where the similarities end.”

Head on over to Scifiwire for the full story. “Flash Forward” begins Sept. 24 and will air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT


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