Watch The Revolution Pilot Online Now (Plus a Review)

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Tracy Spiridakos and Billy Burke in Revolution - PIlot Episode

Can’t wait til September 17th for the premiere of Eric Kripke’s 1-hour “Revolution” pilot? No worries. NBC currently has an advanced sneak peek at the complete pilot episode for your viewing pleasure as we speak. Scroll on below to see the pilot in its entirety while it lasts.

Having now seen the pilot, I can safely say it’s going on my DVR list. I could do without the last-minute reveals, which seems like such a J.J. Abrams thing that it’s somewhat annoying, but the rest of the pilot is good stuff.

As he did with the “Supernatural” pilot, “Revolution” creator/producer/writer Eric Kripke quickly sets up his show’s world, all the while working within context of the moving narrative: 15 years after the powers went out all around the world, the remnants of humankind live in forested cities and in little villages in the countryside. Militias have cropped up all over the place, power-mad Generals carving out little slices of dictatorship for themselves. No one knows what happened to the power, but one person who might have a clue is Ben Matheson (Tim Guinee), who when we first see him knows what’s coming even though he can’t stop it.

Tracy Spiridakos in Revolution - PIlot EpisodeFifteen years later, Ben finds himself wanted by the ruling Monroe Militia, but when Ben’s son Danny (Graham Rogers) makes a mess of things, Ben ends up dead, and Danny captured by douchey militia Captain Neville (Giancarlo Esposito). Neville isn’t the head man, that job goes to Monroe, who we don’t see until the very end of the pilot, though I’m guessing you can guess his identity pretty early on, especially given who they have playing him. (To help hide this surprise, the network has smartly not released anything involving the actor.)

In any case, with his dying words, Ben sends spunky daughter Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) to Chicago in search of his brother Miles Matheson (Billy Burke), who is also being sought by Monroe’s militia. Charlie doesn’t know much about Uncle Miles, only that her dad once told her that Uncle Miles is “very good at killing”. We see just how good he really is towards the end, when the militia finally locates him, forcing Miles to come out of hiding, sword in hand.

There’s a lot to like about the “Revolution” pilot. Burke is surprisingly good as the show’s Han Solo-esque character, a charming rogue type who doesn’t care to partake in the show’s power struggles, but is forced to when his niece comes calling. Spiridakos is also really good as the Tomboy Charlie, who longs to see the world, and finally gets her wish when her father is killed. Zak Orth as the overweight Aaron, who once owned $80 million dollars worth of Google stock, should prove to be a great supporting character in future episodes. (Hard to believe that 15 years after the power went out, you could still be overweight. I mean, who is still making the donuts and hamburgers? Just sayin’.) Anna Lise Phillips, as Charlie’s stepmother, is also intriguing. The pilot is obviously setting her up as a major character with her own hidden agenda, given her surprisingly exceptional survival skills.

All in all, the pilot was what I expected from an Eric Kripke show, with some surprisingly good action. (Movie director Jon Favreau directs, in case you were wondering.) Without a doubt, exploring Miles’ past will be a primary goal of the show, though again, I really could have done without all the conspiracy stuff running in the background. Seriously, Abrams shows and conspiracy subplots have gotten so tired it’s almost cliche now.

The “Revolution” pilot premieres September 17th on NBC. But why wait? Watch it now: