Transformers 2 to be Called Revenge of the Fallen

I have to admit, “Transformers” producer Don Murphy is probably the only Hollywood producer I’ve heard of who actually participates in forums on his own site about his own movies. I’ve heard of directors doing this to get “in touch” with the fans, but producers are usually so high-falutin’ and snobbish, so much props to Murphy for his site. In any case, in one of his posts (here), Murphy links to a blog that reveals the title of TF2 to be “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. Murphy simply links to the site, and doesn’t say anything else, which would seem to mean it’s true — or false?

Now it’s here that I would normally link to the site in question, but it’s running those crappy interstatial ads that, by themselves aren’t bad, but these crashed my browser, and I don’t want it to crash yours. So just take my word for it: some guy with a blogspot site says the title of “Transformers 2″ is “Revenge of the Fallen”. He gives no evidence or support, just comes out and says it. Whether that is true or not, remains to be seen.

I wonder why Murphy would link to it, though, if it wasn’t true…?

In any case, according to posts on Murphy’s forum, the consensus seems to be that, if the title is true, it means Megatron is alive and well, and will be returning.

Update has confirmed the TF2 title. I wonder why Murphy had linked to some random blog, though, and not the site. Weird.


  • Blah

    Well, Megatron has to be alive. Especially if they’re wanting to do the whole Unicron series of the show, which is what I heard through the grapevine.

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