Transformers 2 Gets British with Matthew Marsden

According to MTV, British actor Matthew Marsden (pictured, left) has joined the cast of Michael Bay’s “Transformers 2″, and will be playing a British Special Forces character named Graham. Does this mean the battle with the Decepticons will be heading Across the Pond, or will the British invade our soil once again? Okay, so the former is probably more likely.

Here’s MTV with the casting news:

Marsden has been cast in the role of “Graham,” a character who is part of the British Special Forces. Although the film’s plot is being kept under the tightest veils of secrecy, it is known that the flick will depict an even more worldly battle than the first “Transformers” film, and will shoot all over the globe. In the sequel, Graham teams with Duhamel and Tyrese’s military characters, joining their efforts as they do battle with the evil Decepticons.

Matthew Marsden was recently in the latest “Rambo” movie. Check him out in the pic below. Looks like Matt is very comfortable around fatigues and heavy weaponry. He’s gonna need it!

So let’s see the TF2 news and rumors so far:

- Megan Fox and most of the cast of the original TF is back
- Jazz is also back?
- 20 Transformers in TF2?
- The Brits get involved.

Matthew Marsden in Transformers 2

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