Three More Battlestar Galactica DVD Movies on the Way?

The show may be heading towards the home stretch of its fourth and final season on the Sci Fi Channel, but that doesn’t mean The Powers That Be have completely let go of Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica. It seems that rumors are indicating not one, or two, but three original Battlestar Galactica movies are being considered. As with the last and only BSG movie so far, “Razor”, these movies would likely go straight to DVD as well.

The Galactica Sitrep blog has more on the rumors:

On tonight’s live stream, The Doctor and Mrs. Who net radio show reported rumors from their anonymous BATTLESTAR GALACTICA production sources that:

- There will be three-count’em-three BATTLESTAR GALACTICA TV Movies produced after the series wraps. These films will go straight to DVD like RAZOR last year. Many of the current cast are willing to appear in them.

Again, take note that this is a report of a rumor. Basically, a rumor of a rumor, so there is no guarantee it’ll be true. Take it for what you will though, BSG fans.

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