Thomas Haden Church Enlists in John Carter of Mars

On the heels of news that Disney’s “John Carter of Mars” has landed its leading man and lady (details here), comes news from former Spider-Man foe Thomas Haden Church himself that he’s joined the cast of the would-be major summer spectacle himself. In an interview with Reel Talk while doing the promo rounds for “Imagine That”, Church said:

“I just examine the opportunity whenever it presents itself. I probably am going to do a huge science fiction drama at Disney called John Carter of Mars in the spring and that’s a very dramatic role…”

Not sure why he used the word “probably”, unless he’s still in negotiations for the part. Also, a “huge drama”? I get the huge part, but not so much the drama part. Of course, it could just be in response to the interviewer asking him about whether he’ll be doing any dramatic roles in the future.

So there you go: Church thinks he’ll be joining “John Carter of Mars”, as soon as the contracts are signed, one presumes.

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