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The Vulcan In Chief Wants His Star Trek At The White House

Yes, I am a Trek Nerd. That is well established. However, don’t tell me that when you see President Obama you don’t have Spock thoughts. He is highly Spockish and practically glows with inner Spockitude. Apparently, as reported by my favorite political site Politico, the POTUS (his Starfleet code name) must have his Trek and he must have it now. The President has requested, and will undoubtedly receive, a screening of Star Trek in the White House theatre. Also, he has met Nimoy and we have Leonard’s account of the moment.

Q: “President Obama has drawn not-infrequent comparisons to the Spock character. Do you see any similarities there?”

A: “I’ve met him twice. The first time was a couple years ago, very early on when he had just announced his candidacy. He was in Los Angeles, speaking at a luncheon we were invited to. … We were standing on the back patio, waiting for him. And he came through the house, saw me and immediately put his hand up in the Vulcan gesture.”

From Obama himself to a Wyoming crowd.

“I grew up on ‘Star Trek,’” adding: “I believe in the final frontier.”

On America’s selection and election of Obama for President, speaking as a Canadian, let me say to all you Yanks out there, you done good.
Barack Obama

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