Terminator 5 Gets Writers

Nix January 21, 2013

Because you can’t keep a killer robot down forever.

The “Terminator” franchise is still alive and kicking, and the folks who now own the rights to the sci-fi franchise have hired writers to tackle a script for part 5.

The writers are Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier.

No word on their approach to the “Terminator 5″ script, but I would love for them to continue where McG’s “Terminator Salvation” left off. I know, I kinda disliked that movie, too, but I’d much prefer the franchise to continue forward from there than go back “in time” again. I mean, we already got three of those movies, I don’t think we need another one, right?

Let’s move on forward, guys, there’s a whole war left to be fought instead of mining the same damn territory over and over again.

And I know it’s going to be sacrilege to say this, but leave Arnold out of it. At this point, it’s getting harder and harder to justify why Skynet would continue using an aging ex-Governor in his army of efficient killer robots…

Via : Deadline

  • Dampyr321

    Agree. They should move forward, and not making a remake/reboot of James Cameron’s terminator films. I think that would be even bigger disaster then making their new film set in dark future in war against machines. They should only use Cameron’s vision as a direction toward right path. And use Arnold as a resistance fighter (possible rank: Colonel) who is later captured and used as a concept for T-101 model.

  • Howardbabcom

    As above. Terminator Salvation, whilst it had it’s problems, certainly moved the story in the right direction. Love the idea of using Arnie in this one to show the story suggested (origins of the T-101).

  • Damien Byrne

    They need to move forward, and not do a remake. Arnie needs to stay away from this movie, he is way to old for action movies now I think. I would love to see Tom Hardy in the next one, he portrays violence so well, and we need to bring this Terminator franchise back to a rated R series. I just cannot wait for it to hit the big screen, this series is still a fav of mine.

  • Snuffer

    Thats good news, I was getting worried that it was going to disappear forever. Tend to agree with the other comments that it should carry on after where Salvation left it, modern film tech and CGI would do Cameron’s vision of all out war between man and machine justice if its given to the right director having said that I did enjoy McG’s go but it should be an 18 rated film seeing as a machine has no morals as to how it deals with its enemies

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