Syfy Remaking The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) Movie PosterI recently saw the Michael Pare-starrer “The Philadelphia Experiment” a few months back, just out of curiosity to see if it holds up. It, uh, doesn’t. That’s to be expected, though, since most ’80s sci-fi movies usually don’t hold up very well many years later. In any case, I still thought the premise was pretty cool, and apparently the Syfy Channel feels likewise, because they’re remaking the movie as one of their infamous “original” movies of the week.

The remake will star Malcolm McDowell as a scientist who headed the original Philadelphia Experiment, and who is currently hiding out from the Government in the present. Michael Pare, star of the original, returns — but this time as a bad guy named Hagan. The movie will also co-star Nicholas Lea, along with “Sanctuary’s” Ryan Robbins and Emilie Ullerup, and former “Flash Gordon” babe Gina Holden. As you might have already surmised, the Syfy channel loves re-using actors from their other shows in their self-produced original movies.

The plot of the new “Philadelphia Experiment” will find the U.S. Government once again experimenting, this time bringing the entire USS Eldridge to the present instead of just a couple of sailors. Look for it sometime in 2012.

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