July 8, 2009 Written by endymi0n

StarGate Universe Official Site Opens

Haven’t watched much of the television version of Stargate I’m afraid. Hey, there’s a lot of Sci-Fi out there. You have to pick and choose. The new StarGate: Universe series however has got me firmly by the short and curlies. Good actors, especially the seriously terrific Robert Carlyle, spliced in with dark corridors and sweaty desperation makes for Sci-Fi must see T.V.

I see that the offical SG:U site is up and running. Lots of neat stuff there. See the trailers and even wander the corridors virtually speaking whilst getting nifty closeups of the old school Stargate and even technical nerdity like door activators and wicked spinning open sesame alien symbology! Thanks io9 for guiding me there.


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  • Velion
    That picture is from season 2 stargate antlantis but the show still seems like its probably going to be amazing
  • Stargate has more sequels than I care to remember; it's difficult for me to get excited about another. I know quite a few people who are "into" all of the Stargate shows, but I've never gotten hooked. Maybe this one will different. Only time will tell.
  • Looks really great. Can't wait.
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