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Stargate: Continuum Plot Details, DVD Release Date

According to Gateworld, the second (and final?) “Stargate: SG1″ made-for-DVD movie, “Continuum”, is scheduled to arrive on DVD July 29, 2008, and according to one producer, the film “stands head and shoulders above even the biggest episodes of the television series”. That’s a mighty big pitch. I liked the first movie, “Ark of Truth”, but didn’t find it to be particularly “head and shoulders” above the series, but maybe they were saving up the production values for the second one. We can only hope. More about the movie below.


[Stargate producer Brad] Wright also described the scenario that will bring the Stargate to a ship lodged in the ice in the Arctic.

“The Stargate [was] at its most vulnerable in history — or at least since it was dug up — was when it was being transported from Africa to North America at the outbreak of World War II,” he said. “So the Stargate is on its way across, Baal is going to sink the ship, [and] somehow an heroic act has to take place to stop the ship from being sunk.

“[And] what if the captain of that boat, by cosmic coincidence, happened to be the grandfather of Mitchell?”

When Baal succeeds in altering the timeline, SG-1 (with their memories intact, since wormhole travel essentially takes them out of space-time during the change) gates back to Earth only to find themselves in the cargo hold of the frozen ship, rather than at Stargate Command.

“And, of course, then there’s the ‘getting out of it’ part — which is the rest of the movie!” Wright added.

That’s not a bad premise, but it doesn’t sound like there’s any reason to believe “Continuum” will be bigger than any of the two-parters that “Stargate” routinely does involving time travel. But maybe I’m wrong. It would suck if the final “Stargate: SG1″ movie ended on such an average note.

And also, I always thought Baal (pictured, below) was kind of a lame villain. He always seemed more goofy than dangerous to me. Oh, how I miss Apophis…

Baal from Stargate: Continuum

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