Star Wars Rebels in 2014 Will Satiate Your Star Wars Animated Needs

Or not.

If you’re one of the Star Wars fans who cried out in pain when Disney axed “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” after their acquisition of the property from the clutches of George Lucas, here’s some good news for ya. The studio is planning a new Star Wars animated series set for 2014 called “Star Wars Rebels”.

Set in the two decades between “Episode III” and “Episode IV,” the series will follow the adventures of the Rebel Alliance as they attempt to evade the growing might of the Empire.

Simon Kinberg, who is working on the new trilogy of Star Wars films for director J.J. Abrams and Disney, will executive produce the new show. “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” vets Greg Weisman and Dave Filoni will also be producing.

Lucasfilm Animation, who did “The Clone Wars” will also be doing the honors on “Rebels”. One of the show’s potential plotlines involve Ahsoka, Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi apprentice from “The Clone Wars”.

Here’s the official announcement:

Via : Hero Complex

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