Star Wars Gets Anime’d — and It Looks Pretty Damn Cool

Apparently this is a work-in-process anime version of a “Star Wars” tale by animator Paul Michael Johnson. The original, from what I can tell, didn’t have sound or SFX, but leave it to the Interwebs’ legion of creativity geeks to add in the missing pieces on their own accord. The result? Two minutes of very cool “Star Wars” anime following a TIE Fighter’s pilot as he takes on some rebel scum.

Here’s what JPL4185, who added the sound effects, has to say about the video:

Star wars animation originally uploaded by otaking77077. I saw it posted on reddit and thought it could use some SFX and fitting music!

The music is from the first Knights of the Old Republic.

BTW I contacted otaking77077 for permission to put make this public before I posted this video, and thought I’d share his message to me for everyone here to read:

I have on idea if this is part of a larger “Star Wars” animated series, a movie, or if it’s just a fan-made work by Johnson. Either way, I think he and JPL4185 did a pretty bang up job. Check it out:

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