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What is this, “Prometheus” day? Not exactly, but here’s another “Prometheus” post anyway. That makes it two in one day — and twice in a row. That’s gotta be some kind of record, right? Anyways, speaking of “Prometheus” — WTF? Let’s face it, Ridley Scott and his writers had a lot of good ideas for the movie. Some would say, they had too many good ideas. Or ideas. Some of which weren’t very good. Some looked like they were taken from a bad episode of the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” TV show.

(Which is to say, any episode of “Ancient Aliens”. Being, you know, how the show sucked balls and is the dumbest thing to ever be put on the air, even beating out “Keeping up with the Kardasians” by a good 10 meters of dumbness and all.)


Red Letter Media, the same geniuses behind all those “Star Wars” review videos, is back with a 4-minute “just asking questions” on “Prometheus”. The curious thing here? I thought the exact same things while I was watching the movie. I mean, really, the sheer amount of just shit being thrown at the wall during the scripting stage of “Prometheus” is pretty spectacular. But here’s Red Letter Media’s take. The camerawork on this thing is outstanding.


Prometheus' Engineers

Via : Red Letter Media

  • James Campbell

    Do you speak English? The phrase is “two in a row.”

  • lol

    …..This is such a load of crap lol.

    • Mobtchs

      whoever wrote this article is a piece of crap too

    • Rickcrocker1977

      Any sci fi move goer who thinks “ancient aliens sucks ball” probably doesn’t have enough imagination to watch cartoons. That show has more interesting ideas and crazy theories that to me seem much more relevant and realistic then say hmmmmm jesus?

      • NiceGuyCody

        “Any sci fi move goer who thinks “ancient aliens sucks ball” probably doesn’t have enough imagination to watch cartoons”

        I’d say they have a significantly more attuned imagination than your own, considering they can differentiate between reality and laughably bad fiction whereas you clearly cannot.

  • spot_on

    That was awesome! So much wrong with that movie. It makes me very sad that R.S. thought it would be a good idea to make such a shit film. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    • Mobtchs

      dat waz awesome dat was awesome woooooo shiiii oh lawd oh shi oh jesus JESUS JESUS!
      get the water nigguh! oh shiiii ooooooooh . woooooooooo

  • Juanscv

    OMG what is wrong isn’t the movie, it’s this article. It’s so badly written, such a poor excuse for “blogging”.

    • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Nix

      OMG indeed.

  • http://twitter.com/Sargonarhes S. E. Roberts

    The giant head is giving me ‘Zardoz’ flash backs. Oh the agony.

  • http://nevermindpopfilm.blogspot.com/ Colin “Fitz” Biggs

    Red Letter Media got famous by making fun of Episode 1. Where is the attention for literally every other person on the planet?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mostlee Lee Solutionary Gaddies

    Most people have missed the greatness of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus he is poking at the edges of a greater question about creation AND our central motivations, what’s left for us if GOD is another more advanced human species ? If God is not to be found in our current definition, and if our constant thirst for knowledge might kill us all in a techno Apocalypse , where does that leave our culture? Finally, does the world rapidly progressing toward a sort of tech immortality pave the way for a humanity that is virtually unrecognizable?
    This is why Prometheus is an important film, far more clever than the average summer movie, and worthy of introspection. I don’t know if all the answers are all in there, but I had a hell of a time considering the questions.

    • Mjrapp

      I agree with everything you said…but nevertheless, Prometheus is still a very poorly developed script and movie. It did leave me asking a lot of big questions, but it also led to a lot of little ones. Like, where did this trillionaire shop for his scientists, the night shift at Burger King?

    • Gentshumba

      Lee you go to a movie for entertainment and to hear and see a story. A story has a beginning and an end unless you’re making a part 2. The massive amount questions that Prometheus leaves you with is ridiculous. Forget the philosophy of the movie. That’s what college classes are for. Who are the engineers? Why do they want to kill life on earth? What were the holograms running from? These are a few of the questions that if answered would have made the movie better. No one cares if a summer movie is clever. People want action, fear, and drama not what is the meaning of life. That is why Prometheus sucked.

  • Michael James

    Jeez, as an aspiring screenwriter, I’m trying to be part of the solution, not the whiners who bitch cos their scripts were not marketable and turned down. Any hack who think he can do a better job, WRITE A BETTER SCRIPT, Mr Scott will be more than happy to make your version if its better, chances are, you suck pretty bad and cant do better. Lots of sh*t movies get made for a variety of reasons, this isnt one of them. Ancient Aliens are telling the truth, our real past is one of tweaked DNA, human evolution was tampered with, there is no missing link, the link are the alien race that tweaked us. Any single piece of evidence is debatable, the entire body of evidence proving alien life has been and is likely is contact with us is irrefutable. Millions of slaves with pulleys, ropes and some hand tools did NOT build the ancient pyramids. Structural engineers today say we cannot build them even with all of our current tech. Explain that one.
    Jeez, ultimately, IT’S JUST A MOVIE, not meant to be an educational tool, it is entertainment fella, there doesn’t need to be 1000% realism.

    • Mjrapp

      Thre is 2001. And there is Space Cowboys. Both are entertaining, but but are not great movies. There are elements of both in Prometheus, and that makes it a very discouraging movie.

      • griffon_j9

        Did you just compare Space Cowboys to 2001? Then also say 2001 wasn’t great?

        Please clarify.

        • https://twitter.com/streaky81 Streaky

          2001 was terrible.. But then so was Space Cowboys. Both in completely different ways.

          I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

          People who think 2001 was some kind of deep and meaningful masterpiece make me lol.

          • Streaky is a Moron

            It’s always cute when idiots laugh at people who are more perceptive, articulate or all-around intelligent than they are.

          • https://twitter.com/streaky81 Streaky

            More cute when people think they’re intelligent because they claim to like 2001 but can’t articulate why it makes them smart.

    • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Nix

      You win the Internets.

    • Chainsaw

      “Engineers” say we cannot build pyramids today with our technology? Mike your a f**king idiot. My Master’s in Structural Engineering says we could definitely make a stone pyramid in 2012. Oh by the way, if you think you spawned out of a swamp because E.T. came and took a dump in it that’s your fantasy. No faith required for that idea. Luckily, no proof is required either in this theory. Maybe it’s because “science” can’t produce even simple cell organisms from rocks, you need a new theory. So it’s E.T’.s diarrhea to the rescue, nice one. You are definitely a man of science.

    • Daedreamer1984

      Jeez could you give “Mr. Scotts” nuts some air, That “just a movie” crap doesn’t cut it as an excuse this movie was a mess and Mr. Scott should have taken more time on making the components of this film make since than prematurely counting cash from weekend ticket sales.

    • Gentshumba

      Good movies begin with a question. That question is then supposed to be answered. Unfortunately Ridley Scott used his clout to get a horrible script turned into a bad movie that asked more questions than answered.

    • Muklowd

      Someone else’s ability to write a better script has no bearing whatsoever on the merits of this movie. The argument that if you can’t do better then you shouldn’t have an opinion is risable to say the least. As is the claim that we could not build a pyramid. Not knocking their engineers, but they had slaves and the will to spend decades making these things. No modern tech required there, just a lot of human ingenuity. Oh and whips of course :)

    • mystrdat

      Dude, we already know how the pyramids were built. Read a bit.

      • TurokSwe

        Dude, we don’t KNOW how the pyramids were built, we only have speculations, reading isnt required to realize such obvious things.

        • mystrdat

          Very well, let me rephrase. It is highly probable we already know one of the speculated methods was used, but we cannot confirm it due to the lack of evidence. In any case, we can explain it without having to resort to bullshit faith in higher powers.

  • waterbase

    If people try to look for answers, it makes movie-watching much more interesting. It is a journey that tests our creativity, not some numb jobs mindless comedy.

    I agree that Prometheus has too many good ideas throwing at audience. At times it is confusing and frustrating. On the other hand, it gives more room for a sequel.

    Seems like viral footages keep popping out in youtube. There is one about Dr.Yutani now – http://youtu.be/o2-HRIL6tQo

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rob-Baribault/1743377310 Rob Baribault

    Where were the female engineers? Are there female engineers?If so, do they look like all those other male clone type engineers? This movie sucked.I’m so disgusted with it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1173270531 Richard Morgan

    Well I liked it.

  • Corporal Charlie

    Was the black goo the same black goo as the X-Files black goo?

  • Laputian

    RS needs a good script. His best work was based on great books, most notably the Duellors (Conrad) and Blade Runner (Philip K. Dick). The problem of Prometheus is that nothing of Aeschilus’ tragedy seeps into the movie. The script is as culturally stale as yesterday’s Hollywood’s gossip. RS is a master at creating stunning imagery and compelling rythm, but the underlying crap stays crap.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/ZJAAB5NUBCDDGVMUC23M3KJY7U David

    I waited with anticipation for an entire year for this movie, just like we all did for the Phantom Menace, remember that one? First Lucas, now Ridley Scott, both crapped on our heads.

  • Dave

    I agree that their were some great ideas in the development stage for Prometheus, but the final product is far from perfect and I left the film kind of going WTF at the end. I’ll wait and see if Ridley Scott gives any worth while extras on the BD release that maybe explains what he was going for in the film. I was warned that Prometheus is not a direct Alien prequel and the ending with the chest burst location proved that. I look forward in the future to a possible RiffTrax commentary for Prometheus as they would make the film so much better.

  • The_Face_of_Boe

    Why did I waste four minutes of my life watching this video? Was it because I thought there might actually be some valid arguments in it?

  • Markvanmoer

    Prometheus is an condescending peace of crap.

  • TurokSwe

    To start out with, this blog is not really worth reading. “Prometheus” was such a perfect movie and a spectacular sequel to the Alien/Predator universe! And the movie indeed did answer some important questions and raised new ones (which is the best way for making the ways for sequels). Also, Ancient Aliens is indeed a great show with fascinating ideas, sometimes a little repetitive, but all in all, it contributed to my knowledge and to strengthen my similar belief, and “Prometheus” really seems to be faithful to the Ancient Astronaut theory. The AA theory is with all likeliness the real deal about our, and the world’s history and prehistory, and in my own opinion we’d better start accepting it and introduce it even more into our modern culture. Anyway, I really cant wait for the DVD and Blu-ray release of the movie. Peace!

    • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Nix

      Well it was worth enough for you to leave an entire paragraph response.

  • Gabriellegardner23

    i wasted my 12 birthday watching this instead of going to a waterpark=(

  • http://www.facebook.com/MacTheHype Maurice A. Charles

    You people aren’t real fans if you didn’t understand Prometheus. You guys are the problem with film. On a G*D pedestal writing about something you failed to research! If you know anything about story structure or Ridley Scotts camera direction you wouldn’t be so confused. But you choose to criticize what you don’t understand, and expect the answers be handed to you. Only true film fanatics can appreciate this film!

    If you want a way out of ignorance and to have some of the questions explained view my blogspot Cinescape. It is the first review under Summer Sci-Fi Reviews!


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joshua-Perez/100000676404459 Joshua Perez

    I dont know about yall, but guys like this one who go to a film just to dissect it make me want to kick the shit out of them. see here you fucking power nerd, its a FUCKING MOVIE. I promise you, finding out all of this shit that you asked isnt REALLY gonna save the world or anything, so just let Scott make the next one and answer a few more questions and shut the fuck up.

  • Al3xanderdgy

    Ridley Scott is a visionary, he has never produced the same movie twice, this was not aspiring to be another Alien or Blade Runner. R.S. intended on creating a unique science fiction that posed the questions “who are we” “who made us” “why would anyone make us” and of course ye olde science V.S. religion as an element, but aswell in Scotts films the created often are challenged by the creator (Robin Hood, Blade Runner etc.) Father VS. Son, although now we don’t know why this is, im sure with a sequel this will be explored further. In my personal opinion this film achieved what it set out to do, inspire. BTWs Scott said many times before and after the films release it was not a direct prequel to Alien, guys that has been done to death, and lets be honest has gotten really lame courtesy of AVP (which i think are cool but nothing worthy of Scotts original piece). I think due to its thematic elements alone this movie is fantastic. Although the doctor touching the space penis with vagina mouth snake thing is reeeally fucking dumb…

  • Katrin

    The thing that bothered me at the end of the movie was her having a C-section and then running around. Sure, she acted like she was in pain, lol, like it’s somehow possible for her to just get up and run and jump around after having a C-section. I have had a C-section, and that is beyond ridiculous. Sure, I can walk, but very very slowly. lol. I just couldn’t get over that whole thing. The other main thing that had me laughing hysterically from this article, is “Why were they running in a straight line?” Why indeed? To think, if they had just run to the sides, they would have been safe.

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