Something is Moving Inside the Rift. (Hint: It’s Probably Aliens.)

New trailer for director Robert Kouba’s “The Rift”, which actually shows glimpses of those alien buggers. I’m assuming those are aliens. They look alien-y.

After radar anomalies start appearing all over the world, strange rifts are starting to form in the sky. There is something hiding behind these rifts. It’s moving.

I’m not sure if the whole movie takes place at a small diner in the middle of nowhere or not, but the trailer seems to strongly hint at that. Well, that’s one way to keep the budget down.

The film stars Eileen Grubba, James DiStefano and Ralph Guzzo. Your guess is as good as mine when you can see this thing.

The Rift (2012) Movie Poster

Via : Trailer Addict

  • someonewhocares

    My apologies if I hurt the director’s feelings… but if he wants to be known as a director who’s work is worth seeing, he must acknowledge that his short film has many issues. The largest being his ego. The film’s laziness is apparent from its first draft script. The sci-fi concepts and ideas are brought up but quickly fall away, some never to be seen again. The special effects are sadly more believable than its characters. The boobs shots featured… I’m sorry, the actresses featured are here just for that. Everybody on screen seems to have a presents to them but nothing to work with. If only there was more time spent with the script this short could go from an F to a B-.

    It breaks my heart to see a young filmmaker passionate about his work, only later to be revealed his efforts fail to hit it’s mark. If Robert Kouba wants to save his name from being the next Ed Wood, he might want to remove the seven plus times it’s shown in this piece and next time work a little harder for his audience.

    Don’t be discouraged. You are young and capable of being a good storyteller. How good is up to how hard you want to work for it.

  • nelnel

    The story looks like a very famous Japaneses horror anime. Even the name is a little bit the same. Does this originate from Japan?

  • Snuffer

    Is this film ever going to get released cant find any ref to a dvd release date or of any retailer stocking it in fact this film seems to be getting mixed up with a low budget horror called “RIFT”

  • frogola

    this movie could be good enough to have a hundred million dollar sequel.if it ever comes out.PS. good story.

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