Skyline 2: The Alien Space Vacumn Strikes Back?

According to this article, Colin and Greg Strause’s alien invasion movie “Skyline” is so awesome, so downright genre-rific, that film sales and distribution company IM Global is already pitching a “Skyline” sequel to buyers at the Toronto International Film Festival, or TIFF to the cool kids out there.

I gotta admit, “Skyline” is an intriguing looking movie (trailer below), and out of all the alien invasion movies invading (ahem) theaters this year and in 2011, it’s probably the cheapest thanks to its mostly isolated location (a skyscraper), with much of the “outside world” rendered in CG.

Still, a sequel already? I suppose it doesn’t need as far to go to turn a profit as the other alien invasion movies, like Peter Berg’s massive “Battleship” or the expensive “Battle: Los Angeles”.

Starring Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, David Zayas, Donald Faison, Brittany Daniel, Crystal Reed, and directed by the brotheres Strause, “Skyline” follows a group of friends partying in a skyscraper when aliens begin vacumning citizens of Los Angeles into their ships. Things, as they say, go downhill from there.

Avoid the vacumn sounds November 12, 2010.

  • A

    More budget sci-fi = more to be happy about as far as I am concerned.

  • 3ncryptabl3_lick

    I’ll buy into it – but I hope it’s not all taken strictly from the groups POV and limited to just a skyscraper location… ugh.

  • calinutz

    I’m looking forward to see the sequel. I liked this one… but I would hate it if the won’t make the sequel. The movie ended too sudden, it didn’t actually ended.

  • Reefsalt

    Saw the movie was good, the story was a little weak, but fun nonetheless, I found the ending good but lacking, they should have added extra footage for the ending after the credits this way we know their will be apart 2.

  • Sitadelmaster

    This is the worst movie I’ve seen. Like watching a boring wedding. The story is basically how to eradicate the human race. If it’s a story, the film showed not half of it. Would’ve liked it better if it were a computer game. (I think “Babe:Pig in the City” was way way better than this.)

    • Glaxyic

      totally, and considering now that number 2 is in the pipeline?

  • Silent_Angel_Screams1823


  • Jytd

    scarry story man i dont wanna think about it if it happens in real brrrr

  • SeroEindhovee

    the story is like the movie SPAWN a man that loves his family gets to be a super badmonster and kills his maker but with a diffrent angle of look now with aliens. good computer effects bytheway

    • Alutair

      well,. actually all these “hollywood” movies are all alike and always use the same history… like the clumsy guy who overcomes his clumsyness and suceeds in his life, and the pocahontas from space thingie with avatar…

  • Seromero

    the story is like the movie SPAWN a man that loves his family gets to be a super badmonster and kills his maker but with a diffrent angle of look now with aliens. good computer effects bytheway

  • Vaibhavply

    all the back commentors…. u are kids who like to watch anime films.

    this movie was pretty good…something different with awesome ending..!

    • Arsenal_K

      To Vailbhavply..U your the the kid or lack of brain cells this movie is soooooooooo Pathetic and  a rip-off of another movie Battle of Lost angles
      …and what so different about ….afterall the makers DID ripped it off from another movie.

      What si original about alien invading earth ? Jeez Vailbhavply Please grow up !

      btw please dont call amine watchers as childish some amine films have better value that stimulate the mind not the heap of trash film:  Skyline

      Comments like these only show how SAD and pathetic you really are

      • Tm0nxG

        To Arsenal_K. How the fuvk is this a rip-off of battle of los angeles when this movie came out a year before BOLA…… STUPID FUCK

    • yiffy

      hay hay hay hay for one if was a rip you might as well say battle lost angles is a rip off of independence day

      2. they ony used mabey 30 mill to make the movie which in my opinion since I’ve seen both battle la and this movie sky line they did a bit of better job the battle la ya story line wasn’t that great but if anything your just jelous you can’t make anything like that so try to get your facts strate before you start pointing fingers cause if every person that came out with an alien flick and said some one ripped it off of this alien flick then I’d have million dollars by now

  • Hristoo

    aide neka da e po skoro i vtorata 4ast pllllllllllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssss

  • S_McManus

    Great movie, sure it was a weak story. But I see as the start, just like the MATRIX. hope the storywriters put some more effort into it. lookin forward to part 2 and 3 ;-)

  • Oanzon Mikagami

    the story is good, and CGI is almost at the top noch, the action is good too… BUT, the dialogue and scripts are bad, acting is kinda weak then becomes good then weak again then good… but that’s what it takes for a film that hired alot of unknown actors… I feel their effort, it’s hard to be a pretty good actor like Leonardo de carpio or angelina jolie… but I HOPE that the 2nd part will have a good scripts and dialogues and give a strong story line… and WE all know that the ACTION and CGI will be the BEST in it… but hey, I like this movie though…

  • Skyliner

    Read the comments here and want to be neutral but honest:

    In my opinion the weak story is a plus. Because the “story” seems to be the invasion of an unknown alien species – Through the eyes of civilians (first I thought that point of view was not so good but after the second watching it gave me clear view about it). So the viewer is not informed about any plans or counter strikes of/by the government. If the movie would end with the “sucking up” of the two lovers, I wouldn’t like the movie. Because I want a little explaination in every movie, the ending sequence gives it very good but not toooo much. Hope for a sequel. Uhm, how about a prequel?^^ Just thinking, because the scene at the pool where all the sudden three military helicopters fly over L.A. …

    Sorry for my bad english. Sincerely


  • lilly

    the movie was awesome but the story kind off weak…. i think the climax of the story began almost end of the movie when the aliens or the techno thing took the couples inside it and they’ve survived.. i think they should produce part 2,, their is a huge big chapters missing in the movie am looking forward part 2 to know the rest of the story..

  • WebMaster For Eminent Systems

    Yes the Story was week, but this is a good thing, keeps you in suspense, if you don’t like Skyline, Go Kill Yourself.. Seriously, It was Good Work im looking forward to Part 2 and 3 or even a Sequel.. and a Game.. Skyline FTW.

  • datdemdar

    I don’t know about this… Yeah, the CGI is good, but I knew right away at the end that #2 was on the horizon. Could have it build up to that point and then end. Boo, hiss. Still curious where this is going.

  • Gnareshsarma

    awesome movie hope theres a part 2

  • Jeffery7781

    That was one of the best sci fi movies in a while, very original. The ending was perfect, did not see that coming. As for all of you that have turned this movie down, if you could do better, then go do it yourself. Otherwise let the professionals do their jobs.

  • Joseph

    I want more aliens machines and people in the next Skyline 2 movie.

  • zpox

    all in all not to bad a movie yea the story was a lil weak but hey leaves you to fill in some of the blanks i like that i do feel how ever that the movie was rushed a lil bit in some parts kinda like it needed a lil more time as for part 2 well im pretty sure there gonna rock it hardcore

  • Thaeden

    This is one of the best sci-fi movies I have seen in ages and along with Infestation tops my list of the most awesome movies I have ever seen. I loved the character development and thought the whole idea of the movie was unique.

    For all the aforementioned critiques of the movie who consider it poor or the story “weak”; it might be an idea to learn grammar and also how to spell before rendering writing issues with this outstanding example of science fiction.

    Indeed my hats off to the movie creators: especially if this was on a low budget for I applaud your masterful use of CGI and selection of actors and their performances.

    I do hope that the sequel, which will understandably have a larger budget, does not fall into the trap of so many other sequels and produce a poorer quality film being carried away with the amount of money you have available to you: for this film is a perfect example of the combination of an excellent team getting the best quality for every penny spent.

    A first class production and I look forward eagerly to the sequel and to many more quality titles from you.

    • Alutair

      Really loved the movie too! I watched it like 10 times and I really hope the sequel will be more explaining about the creatures and how they “work”

      I found the creatures from this movie really alike the DREJ from Titan =D

      and I found Pandorum really alike Titan =/

  • Jana

    I can’t really believe that this movie sold so well. But then on second thoughts, the trailers looked interesting.enough to illicit enough response.

    It was not a comedy, but the plot was so laughable. For example:
    1. Yeah lets run outside without scoping out the place a bit better first.
    2. Oh wait, yes let me hide that something’s wrong with my body after my first abduction attempt, cause I don’t want to draw any unwanted suspicion.
    3. Let’s not get help from the military. No let’s stay inside the building and put up the blinds?

    People have said this has been one of the best sci-fi movies. I think what someone people are getting caught up with is how pretty it looks, but his has no real substance. It’s the substance that makes the sci-fi movie great. Two stellar examples that readily come to mind would be Battlestar Galactica and the new Star Trek movie.

    If they truly want to make a Skyline 2, improve the characters, plot and dialog; then and only then would it have a fighting chance. Perhaps a prequel with the military’s side of things ending in the encounter of the human hybrid – was the attack worldwide or more concentrated, Were the governments contacted first with an offer which was subsequently denied? Just a few thoughts.

    • Arsenal_K

      Jana I loved your comments but I think the idea to make Skyline 2 is just a wet dream for the Strauss brother unless they want to blow money away.

      I for one would not watch it. Btw I watch  Skyline for free on deal by my friend (buy one get one free orange phone deal), even then I felt cheated. I can’t understand how some people could love this film but thats their opinion.
       I do think that its people like the Strauss brothers who steal people idea to create their own like this movie skyline just to make a quick buck is destroying Sci-fi.

  • fitlad1987

    i loved the 1st movie hadn’t seen it till now, scary in places but kept me intrigued in the story all the way through, though i do think that it ended funny coz you didnt really get to find out what happens to them whether they survived or not. So if they do make Skyline 2 then i think they should carry on from where they left off but with these movies you dont really know whats going to happen. they might start again where they rid humankind again lol but anyways i’ll stop ranting GOOD ANYWAYS hehehe

  • Babalizzard

    best film ive seen in a long time, cant wait for part 2,3,4 whatever they come up with. :) ending was class.

  • Jhgf

    Ich weiß ja nicht wer hier alles diverse Drogen genommen hat, aber noch weniger weiß ich wie man diesen Film in auch nur irgendeiner Art und Weise gut finden kann.
    Die Kommentare hier wirken ja teilweise so als ob die Autoren noch nie vorher n Sci-Fi Film gesehen haben!
    Was ich vor allem nicht verstehe ist, warum mach ich n beschissenen Film wenn ich weiß ich will davon eh mehr als einen machen? Soll heißen warum mach ich dann nicht den ersten Teil etwas länger,SPAR MIR DIE GANZE SCHEIßE UND VOR ALLEM DIESES VÖLLIG HIRNRISSIGE ZEITRAFFERSZENENDING(!)und mach direkt n guten Film. Die Einführung der Characktere und das ganze Geschehen hätte man sowas von in 30 minuten abreißen können. SO werden unzählige Leute ins Kino gehen, weil se denken “ALter der Trailer sieht gut aus!” und unzählige Leute werden weinend,brechend,erblindet,taub,stumm,gesichtsgelähmt und wütend aus dem Kino herauskommen und sich fragen ob sie grade ein Stück dummer geworden sind.
    Sehr grandios auch diese Alienmösen mit Zähnen…wird das jetzt Standard, das alles was außerirdisch ist wie ne Frau zwischen den Beinen aussieht oder haben da zu viele Köpfe Komplexe im Amiland.

    ACHSO, bevor ich das vergesse…ganz großes Tennis mal wieder, dass natürlich nur die USA angegriffen werden..muss wohl einfach daran liegen das die Aliens die USA genau so hassen wie manch unser einer…


  • Sherodee_32

    i really liked this movie it kept me on the edge of my seat all through the movie, but as the end was drawing nearer i was very upset how it ended…..i really hope there is a sequel

  • Minhhoang_canh

    hey everybody
    i very love this film, i  hope they’ll part 2

  • Arsenal_K

    One the worst films I’ve seen in a long while. It has proven when you see Struass Brother name printed on celloid its a warning NOT to see it. see AVP 2  A film for …well…… not even brain damage 12 year olds would like it….not sure who, but how do some find this movie enriching  makes the mind boggles but one should repects one opinions.
    I can only suggest that people who do like it may have confused with another movie or simply daydreamed through out the film. Perhaps in year or two those people will see sence and see how crap that movie was.

    The Film was sooo bad that even with my free ticket after watching it I felt cheated.. It was completly brain-dead of a movie and you can even tell that the Strauss brother didn’t make any effort for the film, so
    skyline 2 is coming around is a real concern.

    The only positive thing about is the specail effects seen where motherships were flying during the day and thats it. The rest had nothing to entertain you.

    The one thing that really stand out was Donald Faison Character.Terry
    Withs his gangsta rap music, gangsta attitude,cars and girls, his lady like a bitch and having an affair  - OMG couldn’t  STrauss brothers had a little imagination, couldn’t they left there carboard box apartment and went out see that NOT ALL BLACK PEOLE ACT LIKE THAT ? COULDN’T they imagine a Afro-american Charater without the ghetto/50 cent  attitude – EVEN ICE -T and ICE CUBE DON’T ACT LIKE THAT or even Wil Smith, Robert Curbeam( see NASA)  this is excatly what I mean . a film created by idiots for idiots.

  • Paul-077

    Very very good movie.

  • A2

    i overall liked the movie but i didnt like how only these few people survived till the end. Also how this guys brain is sooo special that it takes control of the alien.

    Too much of an open ending, it led us on to believe there would be a guaranteed sequel. It would be a disappointment if there wasnt. :)

  • Soil666

    This film need part 2      A.S.A.P

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