Sci-Fi TV Trailer: Life on Mars

Here’s your first look at the American remake of the British TV show Life on Mars. The American version is premiering on ABC this Fall, and stars Jason O’Mara (In Justice) as a modern day cop chasing a serial killer who, after getting nearly run over by a car, somehow time-jumps to 1972. As it turns out, he’s a cop back then, too, except he’s the only one who knows he’s from the future. Or is he?

It’s a pretty wacky trailer, and features some great scenes with the always great Colm Meaney. The show co-stars Rachelle Lefevre as a fellow Detective and Lenny Clarke as the stereotypical fat, lazy cop.

  • Macatax

    As per normal the Yanks stuffed this one up to. The original is how it should be. Hard, tuff, no messing about, straight down the line ‘chuck them in the nick’
    Not winney, boo hoo american try hards, trying to re-invent a one man Starsky and Hutch.

    Note for the Yanks…..Don’t touch what aint broken.

  • Nix

    Wow, way to go insulting an entire country because some guys in Hollywood remade your little show. Here’s a buck, go buy yourself some perspective there, chief.

  • ToMacatax

    Our version of the Office is by far superior to the pathetic comedy you guys made.

  • Azathoth

    Another example of US TV looking abroad for some originality and then wringing all that was good out of a concept to it appeal to the kind of audience that would say something as dumb as “Our version of the Office is by far superior to the pathetic comedy you guys made.”, stick buying rights to British game shows like The Weakest Link, there’s nothing you can do to make them any the worse.

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