Sci-Fi Gladiators Fight to the Death in Arena

By Nix
Apr 28th, 2008

Oh man, I’m so loving the idea for this movie, which has a bunch of modern-day soldiers being snatched out of their current battlefield to fight in some arena with ultimate warriors from other eras of history. It reminds me of a storyline I’ve been trying to write for ages, but never really got around to it; except in my story, the arena involved aliens instead of humans from other eras of Earth history. In any case, that’s the idea behind the new sci-fi movie “Arena”.

The Hollywood Reporter has more on the story:

The story revolves around a group of modern-day soldiers mysteriously transported from the thick of battle to a terrain-shifting landscape where they must fight the best warriors from different eras and histories in a gladiatorial fight to the death or be killed by the all-powerful operators of the “Arena.”

The script for “Arena” is by first time writers Toby Wagstaff and Darren Howell. Summit Entertainment will produce.

Sci-fi Movie Arena

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