Roland Emmerich Has His Plans Made For 2013

2012 (2009) Movie ImageRoland Emmerich has an early Xmas present ready for all you fans of fine, tasteful and hysterical disaster movies. “2012″ will enrich all our Sci-Fi Holiday preparations with absolutely photo realistic footage of mother Earth undergoing an extreme makeover.

In the crumbly aftermath, who will remain? What will their lives be like? According to Entertainment Weekly, Roland is planning a sequel to “2012″ but this time as a series, called, in fine sequential style, “2013″. Emmerich and Howard Gordon (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice) are in talks to do a show that will follow the Earthbound survivors of the really big disaster. The Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice connection really scares me but the concept is pretty awesome. A post apocalyptic drama. Nice.

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