Roland Emmerich Blames Fox, George W. Bush for the Lack of an Independence Day 2

German director Roland Emmerich, aka the man who made death porn on a global scale (aka disaster films) popular again, blames the lack of a sequel to “Independence Day” on the studio’s unwillingness to pay Will Smith his due. And oh yeah, that guy George W. Bush is also to blame, too. In a roundtable interview with critics, Emmerich tells CinemaBlend that the reason why he hasn’t been enthusiastic about making an “ID4″ earlier is that Bush was in office at the time and, apparently, he didn’t want to make a movie about a heroic President rallying the world against evil alien invaders.

Says the Master of Disaster:

“In Independence Day, it was about a king who leads his country into a fight against an outside invader. I didn’t want to make that movie during the Bush years. It was not thought that George W. Bush would have made a great king. Now with Obama, it’s another story.”

Because, obviously, when you think “great warrior”, you think Obama.

Actually, Emmerich, like most of Hollywood, can’t see beyond the prism of their political ideology. In the real world, if aliens were to invade you’d actually want a buckle belt wearing Texan like Bush leading the resistance, not a pansy Chicago politician prone to letting two-bit dictators use him for photo ops.

Look, it's the Great King Obama! Ooooooooh.

Look, it's the Great King Obama! Ooooooooh.

  • justgroovy

    That is hilarious, though Emmerich is probably admitting more than he realizes since he thinks Obama would be a great king. Most dictators start out to be benevolent monarchs but slide into the despot role very easily. Obama would be a caricature of the Jack Nicholson character in the movie “Mars Attacks”! I can just hear “Can’t we all just get along?”.

  • Subterrania

    Actually, I think t has less to do with him thinking Obama would be a great king to defend against an alien invasion and more to do with not wanting his movie to seemingly promote American Exceptionalism and xenophobia while a sitting president was waging an offensive war on foreign soil. Or perhaps he didn’t want people to draw parallels between the alien’s wide spread sudden attack and Shock and Awe.

    • justgroovy

      Funny you should say that because in his own words Emmerich states his feeling about the “kingly” stature of Obama. The key element of the original story was a melding of the imagery of the American Revolution (a small band of good people fighting against an overwhelming juggernaut of military power) and of 20th century American exceptionalism and patriotism. Those themes have been a staple of science fiction writing and filmography since the beginning.

      The idea of right thinking winning out over oppressive ideology and behavior has always entertained and inspired people. Read Dickens and Twain and the book of Exodus in the Bible and you’ll see the same thread of inspiration. Independence Day 2 would have to include those elements into the story line to be successful, much less interesting.

  • Stevie M

    Roland Emmerich is full of himself, just like the rest of Hollywood who think they are better than the rest of us, you know what? I think me and the majority of America can choose our own path, we don’t need drugged up, self-centered people to tell us who to vote for. I can understand Star Power being used to draw attention to starving people, environmental issues and animal rights but pls, don’t insult our intelligence by thinking Hollywood/Oprah/Sean Penn or all these other drugged up, in and out of rehab people should tell the rest of us what to do. Roland, we know it’s only a movie, we know that’s not GW on the big screen, it’s a story, if you want to tell it, do so or shut up.

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