Rodriguez’s Predators Reboot Gets a Writer

It’s not Predator, it’s Predators! (Insert dramatic music.) So it looks like Austin’s own Robert Rodriguez has finally stopped talking about all those wonderful movies he plans to direct, and will actually get down to directing one of them. Happily for us, that movie seems to be a reboot/sequel to “Predator”, which is currently going by the title of “Predators”. Because, one presumes, there will be more than one of the dreadlocked intergalactica badasses to contend with.

According to the blokes over at Bloody-Disgusting, “Predators” has landed a writer in Alex Litvak. doesn’t have much of a filmography on Mr. Litvak, though word is he’s currently scripting something called “Medieval” that is due out in 2012.

“Predators”, meanwhile, is looking at a 2010 release date. That seems a tad optimistic, but not really if you think about it. Rodriguez is a fast worker, and if he indeed gets behind the camera soon, a 2010 release is easily within reach.

Also according to BD, the sequel would have a team of badass commandos coming face to face with the badass alien hunters. Badass action ensue.

Below: “Hold up, guys, I think I got something in my eye…”

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