Rodriguez Denies Asking Schwarzenegger Back for Predators

We previously reported that, according to the movie site Moviehole, Robert Rodriguez’s people had reached out to Arnold Schwarzenegger to reprise his Dutch character in the Rodman’s “Predators” movie (a sequel to the McTiernan original rather than a reboot). According to Rodriguez himself, that may not be the case. In fact, Rodriguez says it isn’t, because he knows nothing about reaching out to Schwarzenegger.

From Rodriguez, in an email to AICN:

Online news is amazing, much more exciting than real life!
There are so many sites saying that I’m actively pursuing Arnold!

Feels like all i have to do is sit here, and let the websites do the work!

Actually, what probably happened is someone conjured that up because of my 1994 draft, that had Dutch as a main character. And then it probably just built from there.

But no, we’re still writing a new script, and although I know Arnold personally and he’s the coolest person on the planet, I have not contacted him about this at all at this time.
As promised, I’ll keep you posted on such developments since Predator is such a fan favorite.

But then again, he could very well have told someone he’d be into it. Who knows?
Personally, I haven’t heard anything. But it’s still early in the day.


So there you have it. He says he didn’t reach out, but he doesn’t say he wouldn’t at a later date. I think bringing back Dutch, if just to tie the sequel in with McTiernan’s movie, would be a cool idea, and fans would love it.

Below: “Hey, don’t judge me! I’m actually considered a pretty boy on my planet.”

  • Jordan DeLaRosa

    yes i agree that a lot of fans would enjoy seeing arnold back in the predator series! there are also alot of fans who are pleased that there making a new predator movie. i mean come on requiem was a disaster. it had nothing to do with any of the predator series… but anyways im just happy that there making a new movie!

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