Robotech Live Action Movie Gets a Director

Still not holding my breath this thing will actually get made, though.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see a “Robotech” movie, but let’s face it, what are the chances Warner Bros. will ever actually get this thing off the ground? They couldn’t even get “Akira” off the ground. But hey, Warner has lots of money, so continuing to develop these fanboy projects is like throwing pennies down a well to them.

Anyways, the big news is that the studio has now officially attached a director to the project. That would be Nic Mathieu, a commercials director who hasn’t directed a single film yet, but is apparently such a hot commodity in Hollywood that he’s already got three — count’em, three — sci-fi films clamoring for him to direct them.

“Robotech”, of course, is set in a future Earth and involves humanity, flying souped up fighter jets that can transform into robots, battling alien invaders. Basically, “Transformers” with people riding inside them in battle.

Via : THR

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