Robert Rodriquez On Predators: “It’s just crazy”

By endymi0n
Jul 8th, 2009

Robert Rodriquez was recently interviewed in the Los Angeles Times about his upcoming rebooted Predator film. Years ago, Mr. Rodriquez wrote a crazy script and at that time it was beyond the scope of the Hollywood machine.

“It was this crazy, intense off-world story and there was just no way it could be made. The technology wasn’t there yet.”

Well pilgrims, it’s a brave new world now. It’s the time of digital 3d and James Cameron’s “Avatar”. It’s time to make this crazy script. Seems that we might have a slight contradiction here as it is apparently being made on the cheap. Robert is known for speed filming and doing his own editing, camera work and even delightful baked goods for the cast and crew.

“They actually like that,” the 41-year-old San Antonio native said. “You’re making it less expensive then they could ever make it here. Its so much leaner. and they get a movie that they can sell as a big movie, they make money off of it, especially since it didn’t cost much at all. I get to keep it locked down creatively and, really, the studio is happy with that. It’s almost like they get protected from themselves. They know that when some things get taken through the machine they end up overspending and making the movie worse. The movie’s not allowed to breathe. That was the case with the ‘Predator’ movie. Just go make it down there in your system. We don’t know how you do it down there but somehow you make these movies very creatively and at a budget.”

So a film that couldn’t be made for, I’m assuming, effects reasons, can now be made “lean”. This is interesting. I do think that less money for effects means directors work harder and use props and sets that, in the end, make for a more realistic Sci-Fi experience. Robert will pull this off. I have faith. Via Latimes


  • sci-fan


    same old same old: out for a quick buck. let's redo something everyone knows so we can make some bank for certain. Is Cameron redoing old sci-fi? Is Jackson redoing old Sci-Fi? No! hmmmmmmm… who to emulate?… who to emulate?

    “It's just crazy” that people are stupid enough to pay for more of this rehashing

  • lizerd

    this is nice to hear that a third Predator film is on the way (if done correctly unlike a lot of recent films starting around early ninties onward) but what i really want to know is…

    WHO'S IN IT? The movie expects a release date by next year by it doesnt even have one actor attached to the film yet! It definitely will be delayed. There's no way a movie without any actors yet will be done in a year.

    Someone please email me if you learn who's gonna be in this movie, and please dont suggest Arnold Schwarzenegger or Danny Glover. Glover has denied several times a new role, and Arnie is supposedly going to be left out.

  • Munir

    Just cant stop my self to comment on your blog. Good post.

  • fuckyourmama

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    • Tony

      If this new “Predator” movie is made the correct way it could be a great film and a blockbuster.It needs all the ingredients of the very first movie,and yet,it needs to be different.I hope it gets an R rating and not a stupid PG-13.The new film should be very violent and bloody but with a story and great characters you actually could care for.Us fans need a solid movie this time not crap like “Aliens Vs.Predator”.I’m just glad that Paul W.S Anderson is not going to helm this movie it would definitely be a *ucking disaster.Personally somebody like John Cena would have been great in the lead role.Adrian Brody might pull off an action hero if he’s made up the correct way.Danny Trejo fits perfectly i think as Cuchillo.Nimrod Antal as Director-hmmmmmm,might be okay.I’d love to have seen James Cameron take a shot at directing a PREDATOR film but very unlikely.I want to see an alien planet look like a jungle from the cretacious period.I just hope and pray the crew and the studio of this new movie bring back the good old days but leave us with something new and fresh.I want to feel blown away by this,and not feel let down…again.RODRIGUEZ AND GANG MAKE ME PROUD!

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