Robert Rodriguez And NerveCrackers, More BladeRunner Than BladeRunner?

By endymi0n
Mar 17th, 2009

bladeBlade Runner is my favorite movie. The music from Blade Runner is my favorite music. I’m therefore a bit sensitive when it comes to comparisons to what is the greatest Science Fiction movie ever made.

Robert Rodriguez is talking up his effort to fuel up a new Blade Runner. Since very few people have ever made a serious attempt at capturing the feel and spirit of Ridley Scott’s best work, I say bring it on. Robert has the talent and a direct sequel is probably unwise. His words at the SXSW festival.

““I used to say it was, it’s kind of like Blade Runner, but that was Blade Walker. This is Blade Runner.”

Conceptually, Robert’s script (now finished) covers some familiar ground. A law enforcement agent must investigate and quell (retire?) a crime wave in a culture that is ordinarily perfect.

What was wonderful about the world that Blade Runner was set in was it’s incredible authenticity. Multi cultural, climate changed and mixed in detail and image with a vision of the old and the new. The future is assembled with the building blocks of the past. There will be no gleaming silver cities coming in our future, unless they are built from scratch. It’ll be brick with aluminum, rust and glass, titanium and cast iron. In the mix of this are human beings. We never change at all. A movie about a perfect future society sounds more like fantasy than Science Fiction. Thanks CinemaBlend.


  • Nix

    Rodriguez talks a good game. I wish he would actually make a movie this decade instead of attaching himself to every project and not coming with it.

  • JRed

    Eh, I would like to see the Blade Runner of this generation but I doubt that the guy who directed Spy Kids is going to be the one to deliver it. Don’t get me wrong he’s made some good movies that are a lot of fun but as of yet I haven’t seen him do anything that has very much depth.

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