Resurrection Comic Gets Optioned for Movie

I reported on a new sci-fi comic book called “Resurrection” back in January, but now it appears as if some other people think it might make for a pretty good movie, in particular Universal Studios, who have optioned the comic book to turn it into a movie. The story concerns the aftermath (yes, aftermath) of an alien invasion, and how the survivors must try to get on with their lives. Dave Dumee drew the comic and Marc Guggenheim wrote it.

The Hollywood Reporter has more:

“Resurrection” begins where most other alien invasion movies end, centering on a group of survivors trying to take back control of the planet after an apocalyptic invasion.

The comic, illustrated by Dave Dumeer, was first published in October. The third issue in the series was just released.

Guggenheim will executive produce the adaptation, as will Oni Press’ Peter Schwerin. Lawrence Grey is overseeing the project for the studio.

I actually think the premise would lend itself to a better TV show than a movie. It has that expansive quality to it, and could support a lot of characters.

Oh wait, they tried something like that on TV. It was called Jericho. Nevermind.

Resurrection Comic Book

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