Preview: Alex Rivera’s Sleep Dealer

What exactly is “Sleep Dealer”? It’s a new science fiction movie from Mexico, directed by Alex Rivera from a script by David Riker. The film has been making waves on the festival circuit, thanks in part to its timely and politically motivated storyline. The film stars Leonor Varela, most well-known to genre fans from “Blade 2″ and other Hollywood movies, and Jacob Vargas, and uses its sci-fi content as an allegory for today’s political climate vis-a-vis the immigration issue and other topics.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Maya Entertainment has purchased U.S. rights to the movie, and plans to put it into limited release in Stateside theaters. But your chances of seeing this movie will be on DVD or TV, as the film doesn’t have the star power or the big, flashy budget to really catch the eye of mainstream audiences.

Here’s the plot:

Set in a near-future, militarized world marked by closed borders, virtual labor and a global digital network that joins minds and experiences, three strangers risk their lives to connect with each other and break the barriers of technology.

Teaser Trailer:

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A 3-minute video news feature (in Spanish):

Visit the film at it’s Official Site here.

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Sleep Dealer Movie

Sleep Dealer Movie

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    I been working as an extra in this movie for a couple of days, and the scenes that they where shooting where filmed inside of an old bar in La mesa, ( nachos bar ) where Varela, and Peña supouse to get there to scoore some NODOS, and i want to know if the movie is going to be playing at mexican movie theatres and when. Tank you.

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