Predators To Get Underway Sept 28

By endymi0n
Aug 15th, 2009

We knew that we had the excellent news that the gone stale Predator series was getting the reboot but I had no idea that Robert Rodriquez, producer of the film and juggler of many projects, was going to make it happen so quickly. We have learned that filming for “Predators”, the new and I’m confident far spiffier creature feature being directed by Nimród Antal, will hit film on Sept 28th.

Robert has hired on the effects company of KNB FX, currently working on Paul Bethany’s “Priest”. Two of the principal effects wizards at KNB FX have either worked on the first Predator movie or have worked with Robert on previous projects. Alex Litvak and Michael Finch have written the screenplay.

In this latest, back to basics Predator story, a group of folks get stranded on a planet with Predators and face dangers from scheming Predators and also from within. Sounds a little like “Pitch Black”, which is a good thing. Predators opens next July 7th, which explains the hurry. Thanks ComingSoon.


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  • Jaiallan1996

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