Platinum Studios Preps Final Orbit Comic for Big Screen

By Nix
Jun 2nd, 2008

It still amazes me that Hollywood is willing to pay buckets of money to buy movie rights to make movies based on comic books that haven’t even been published yet. Isn’t that kind of like buying stock in a company that hasn’t even gone public yet? Shouldn’t you wait to see if the comic does well and develops a fanbase? Eh, who am I kidding, Hollywood has never been that logical. In any case, Platinum Studios has teamed up with Valhalla Motion Pictures to bring the as-yet-unpublished (it’s due to be published next year) comic book “Final Orbit” to the big screen.

Variety has more about the comics and its storyline:

“Final Orbit,” which will be published by Platinum Studios Comics early next year, tells the story of a lottery that gives thrill-seekers a chance to vacation aboard a newly completed International Space Station. But the trips turns nightmarish after the station is damaged, trapping tourists in a crippled module with no trained astronauts to help them.

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Russell Gewirtz has been tapped to write the script. His previous credits include “Inside Man” for Spike Lee and the upcoming Robert De Niro-Al Pacino cop flick “Righteous Kill”. Gale Anne Hurd is the head honcho of Valhalla, and if you don’t know the name Gale Anne Hurd, then you just aren’t a real sci-fi fan.

A sample concept art from the unfinished comic below. Find more here:

Final Orbit Comic Book

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