Peter Berg’s Battleship Movie Will Feature Aliens. Spider-y, H.G. Wells-ish Aliens.

Apparently someone over at Universal is really anxious to get the fanboys on the side of their “Battleship” movie with Peter Berg, because they recently flew a bunch of bloggers to an honest to goodness battleship to talk to Peter Berg about the upcoming movie. On a private yet, no less. (Gee, I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. Stupid mailman, always losing my studio invitations.) According to Berg, his vision of a live-action “Battleship” movie will, indeed, involve an alien war as we’ve heard. Which means, er, I guess they’re expanding just a tad from the game.

Via Latino Review, Berg tells us that the aliens (called The Regents) have an agenda (described by LR as “spidery” and “H.G. Wells-ish”), though that part is secret for now. The main thrust of the action will take place on the high seas, with the Captain of a Battleship (our hero) and his crew taking on the alien ships. And yes, they will apparently be sea-based alien ships, and not go flying around. I’m not sure how that would work. Why would aliens who have mastered intergalactic space travel plop some ships down in the water where they’re restricted? I guess we’ll find out.

In any case, Berg sounds like he’s going “Michael Bay” on “Battleship”, complete with full Navy cooperation and plans for a major Summer event film. If nothing else, “You sank my battleship!” will sound a hell of a lot cooler when it’s changed to, “Those damn aliens sank my battleship!”

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