Official: Predators Sequel Has its Director — Nimrod Antal

Predators (2010) Movie, Sci-Fi Movie News — By Nix on July 2, 2009

After a lot of speculation and rumors about who will be helming the Robert Rodriguez-produced “Predators”, his planned direct sequel to the original “Predator” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, comes word from Rodriguez himself that the director will be … Nimrod Antal. The confirmation comes from Austin, Texas via the boys at AICN, who has an inside line to Rodriguez. As in, the site’s owner Harry Knowles actually lives in the same city and eats with the guy, so yeah, it’s pretty much official.

A quick bio on Nimrod Antal: He’s Hungarian, but he was born in America. He made his first film back in Hungary in 2003 called “Kontroll”. After that film’s International success, Antal moved back to America, where he made the suspense-thriller “Vacancy” in 2007 with Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson. His latest movie is 2009’s “Armored”, about a group of armored vehicle employees who plot to rob from their own company. And now, Nimrod Antal will be the man to bring the Predators back to glory.

“Predators”, says Rodriguez, will be a direct sequel to John McTiernan’s 1987 “Predator”, and will not recognize the sequel with Danny Glover, or the series of “Aliens vs. Predator” movies. The plot will find a group of badasses (probably very fully loaded) trapped on a Predator planet.

Below: “Welcome to Predator planet, kids. Can I get you guys some sandwiches?”

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  • HATTER says:

    That's pretty stupid that hes trying to start his own series of the predator movies because we as humans don't even have the technology to go out side of our own universe let alone to the closest star to our planets. I think he should have followed the requiem movie or at least predator 2. Why? because he those movies they have enough information to study there technology and some how trace it back to there planet.He cant follow the first movie because the predator destroyed him self and anything he had of predator technology. Also that story took place back in the day so they didn't even have modern day tech. So that guy is pretty dumb if you ask me. But since hes already going to go through with it, it better be better than all the predator movies and the alien vs. predator series combine because those movies weren't even all that good. Especially the alien vs. predator series, those were horrible,and the ending to Requiem was dumb.

  • JohnSabala says:

    Robert Rodriguez, WHAT the FUCK are you thinking you lil bastard. You replace this skinny dude over Micheal Jai White. You are personally goingto kill the franchise with this cast you have. 20th century, you are goingto lose money with this cast I guaranteed it. I will personally have my own strike against you and make sure you lose money with this movie. Danny Trejo and Adrian Brody over Micheal Jai White, it’s still hard to believe this. Robert Rodriguez must be prejiduce against blacks or something, because they no damn well Micheal Jai White will pull this role off for the fans of the predator franchise, and will save the future of the predator sequels. 20th Century step in and stop Robert Rodriguez before he loses you alot of money. I CALL ON ALL THE PREDATOR FANS TO WRITE TO 20TH CENTURY FOX AND PUT A STOP TO THIS REAL QUICK BEFORE ROBERT RODRIGUEZ FUCKS THIS FRANCHISE UP.

  • DudeWheresMyCar says:

    You’re a couple of duches, they get snagged and brought to the planet if you read the idea behind the movie. And There is alot of actors in it who aare black, white, hispanic, etc…sooo yeah…

  • JohnSabala says:

    Micheal Jai White is perfect for this role, if anyone checks his profile, it will say he is rumored that he will star. Robert Rodriguez looked passed him like that and chose Adrian Brody. What a stupid decision on his part. When it was said that Micheal Jai White was rumored, it hyped the whole internet that Micheal Jai White would star, and not one fan rejected that idea. So to not have him be the main action star is rediculous. He can fill in Arnold shoes cause he has the body frame and has action experience, and not only that he’s an expert in karate in real life and an expert in self defence weapons. So to look pass him is a bad idea on your part Robert Rodriguez. I STRONGLY ASK THE PREDATOR FANS TO STAND UP AND HELP ME GET ROBERT RODRIGUEZ TO GET MICHEAL JAI WHITE TO BE THE LEADING ROLE. IF MICHEAL JAI WHITE GET’S THIS ROLE IT WILL MAKE HIM A SUPER STAR AS AN ACTION HERO.

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