New Oblivion Posters Featuring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman

Nice shades, old timer.

New posters, but unfortunately still the same movie that despite all the big-budget special effects and star power, I still have almost no real interest in seeing. Honestly, I wallow in big-budget sci-fi, but this movie just looks … oddly uninteresting. These two new posters don’t help.

According to directer Joseph Kosinski, this thing SHOULD be right up my alley. He tells EW about his inspiration for “Oblivion”:

It’s a sci-fi adventure that spans two different worlds and two different times. It’s epic in terms of its scale and scope, but it’s a character driven story with a small cast…I first came up with the concept when I moved from New York to Los Angeles. I was inspired by old sci-fi models like The Twilight Zone to find an emotional, dramatic story that would raise interesting questions and play with perspective.

Sounds good, but the trailers look kinda … meh.

Oblivion (2013) Movie Poster

Oblivion (2013) Movie Poster

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