New Images from Race to Witch Mountain

Now that I know for sure “Race to Witch Mountain” is indeed a sci-fi movie (yes, a kiddie adventure sci-fi movie, but sci-fi nevertheless), here are three more images from the movie, which stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a cabbie who picks up two strange kids with powers being chased by shady men in black. The threesome get help from Carla Gugino, who plays some kind of TV host on a UFO show. Or something to that affect. Together, they have to “race” to the titular Witch Mountain before the Government can stop them. There’s a twist: the kids are actually trying to stop an impending alien invasion, but only if they can reach Witch Mountain!

For years, stories have circulated about a secret place in the middle of the Nevada desert, known for unexplained phenomena and strange sightings. It is called Witch Mountain, and when a Las Vegas cab driver (DWAYNE JOHNSON) finds two teens with supernatural powers in his cab, he suddenly finds himself in the middle of an adventure he can’t explain. When they discover that the only chance to save the world lies in unraveling the secrets of Witch Mountain, the race begins, as the government, mobsters and even extraterrestrials try to stop them. RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN is a fun and thrilling adventure featuring incredible special effects.

Opening March 13, 2009.

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