New Images from Andromeda Strain Mini-Series

Here are a couple of first looks at official stills from the upcoming A&E mini-series “The Andromeda Strain”, based on the novel by Michael Crichton about a wayward Earth satellite that crashes back to Earth, unleashing a deadly virus on a small town. It’s then up to a small team of brilliant scientists to try to contain the outbreak, with the entire nation, and possibly the world, at stake. Better get it right, boys! Images from the two-night mini-series below.

An entire town is killed by a mysterious organism brought to earth by a returning satellite. A search through the town reveals two survivors: a baby and an old man. Why the virus spared them could provide the key for immunizing the populace. A crack team of scientists isolates themselves with the survivors in an underground laboratory, and now they only have a few days to find a cure before the world is destroyed.

The first night of “Andromeda Strain” premieres on Memorial Day on the A&E Channel.

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Andromeda Strain TV Series

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