Mythbusters Investigates Captain Kirk’s Gorn Gun

Normally I’d be reluctant to admit this, but I’ve spent a completely abnormal amount of time considering the probability that Captain Kirk’s desert made diamond cannon in the episode “Arena” would have been more likely to kill the good Captain or simply to have fizzled out. Shortly thereafter of course our scaly friend Mr. Gorn would have eaten Kirk’s face, either in the pieces that were left on the ground or, while still attached to James after the Gorn had finished hunting and skinning him.

The intrepid Nerds at Mythbusters have also obviously been considering the possibility that the thing was never going to work or that perhaps diamonds aren’t scattered on the ground like acorns. Rocks would probably have done the job if you hit the Gorn straight in the beak. Thank Spock that in the end our trusting Gorn waddled straight into the approximately one degree firing arc of the little cannon. Gorns can go straight apparently but bank a little slowly. Here’s a preview of the episode coming up on the 28th. Will they be successful?