Now there’s a great movie title. The Mighty Paul! “Thor” swings his heavy hammer Mjolnir into theatres in 2011, bringing the thunder and lightning down on his evil brother Loki and his godly minions. In casting news, Brian Blessed is rumoured to have been cast as Thor’s dad Odin, the All Father, Lord of the Aesir, Burden of Gunnlöð’s Arms and Swinger of Gungnir. Brian is a barrel chested, loud and enthusiastic fellow best known for Black Adder and Flash Gordon. Below is a clip of his work for the unfamiliar.

Also in casting news, “Paul”, the Sci-Fi road buddy picture starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen, Jason Bateman, and Kristen Wiig may now be accompanied by Sci-Fi queen Sigourney Weaver. Outstanding! A clip of Ms. Weaver as well if you please. I’ll get right on it! Thanks Slashfilm!

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