Moon Poster Gives Me a Headache

If you get seasick easily, or are prone to suffering from motion sickness, then I would advise not clicking on to see the poster for Duncan Jones’ “Moon”, starring Sam Rockwell as an astronaut on the moon who is about to finish up his 3-year contract for a private company, when he starts to see very strange things — like himself, dying. Sam ends up saving himself, which is even weirder.

“Moon” stars Sam Rockwell as the astronaught and Kevin Spacey as the voice of the base’s computer, which may or may not be trying to kill Sam. You know, self-aware machines are so dependable until they start plotting against you.

Also starring Kaya Scodelario, Matt Berry, Dominique McElligott, Malcolm Stewart, Benedict Wong, and Robin Chalk. The film is scheduled for September 3.

And in case you missed it, the “Moon” trailer was released to the masses here.

Update: New, corrected poster.

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