Michael Shanks on Stargate Universe: It’s Different

In case you aren’t aware of it by now, but yeah, the new Stargate show Universe is very, very different from all the other Stargate shows that’s come before it. If the teaser trailers for the new show didn’t already alert you to that fact, then Michael Shanks wants to reiterate: Universe is not your father’s Stargate.

In an interview with SciFiWire, Shanks confirms that he, along with Stargate SG1 castmembers Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping will indeed be involved in the pilot, though according to Shanks, his role will be a very minor cameo, and not really a guest appearance. Which means “in and out”, and nothing more. (Curiously, still nothing about Christopher Judge…)

He did say this about the tone of Universe, and how it differs from his SG1 or Atlantis:

I can’t talk so much about the details of what I do or anything like that, but it’s obviously a very different show than the previous Stargates. There are some darker elements to it. It’s visually stunning. Great cast. And I really look forward not only to seeing it [completed, with finished visual effects], but also the audience’s reaction to it. It’s not your father’s Stargate. It’s a very different kind of show. “It won’t be quiet on the bulletin boards” is the best way to put it.

Yeah, that much is obvious, for good or bad. He also talks a bit about future SG1 movies, namely that yes, it’s been greenlit, but there is no script yet, and no one has signed any contracts to return.

Read the SciFiWire article on what Michael Shanks has been up to since SG1 closed up shop.

Below: Shanks is hoping that in one of his Universe appearances, he can show off the guns.

  • Julie

    Why arent the old cast that were in SG1 in SGU it wont be the same ????

    • Heimdall (Real Name There)

      like the cast in atlantis are not the same… and since O’Neill got general and the commander of *home world command*… he cannot leave to be on destiny…. the show is different yes… not as much humoristic… also true but it remains a great show… and I have all of SG movies and series…Sg1 S1-10…. Atlantis S1-5…. SGU S1-2 as soon as they come out….. I got all the movies (including the original one from 1994)…. yet i know SGU is different but the producers told us it was going to be…. and I love SGU as much as SG1 or SGA

  • Phil_klassen

    SGU Was boring and laughable.

    I’m a huge fan of the SG series, but universe just had nothing to offer, too slow and linear.  it was Stargate Battlestar.   Give us something that’s not campy but still has a fun feeling to it.    not all broody battlestar meets voyager in a vague stargate kind of way.

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