Major Plot Details and Script Review for Chronicles of Riddick Sequel

By Nix
Apr 12th, 2010

The boys at Coming Attractions have managed to get their hands on the script for David Twohy and Vin Diesel’s upcoming “Chronicles of Riddick” sequel, apparently titled “Dead Man Stalking” (beh, not a fan of that one), and they’ve spilled the beans. Read on for PLOT DETAIL SPOILERS.

Here are some of the highlights (read the full review over at CA):

- Riddick loses the Necromonger army he got after killing Lord Marshall in the first “Chronicles of Riddick” early in the film. Vaako (Karl Urban) is back for “Stalking”, but along with the Necromongers, are gone by the first 15 minutes.

- Riddick is “back to basics” — the character and the franchise, with Riddick trying to survive on an alien planet filled with predator aliens while two ships full of badass mercs hunt him down. The first two acts of the movie is basically Riddick versus the aliens and mercs, much like “Pitch Black”.

- The sequel will be a hard R movie, with filthy language and bloody action.

- The movie sets up another sequel, with Riddick’s home planet of Furya expected to play an important part, along with a mystery woman who haunts his dreams.

Again, not a big fan of the “Dead Man Stalking” title, but it sure looks like writer/director David Twohy has gone back to basics while still acknowledging (but basically doing away with) everything that happened in “The Chronicles of Riddick”. This is the best move he could have made, because I gotta admit, as much as I dig the Riddick character and in some ways liked the epic nature of “Chronicles”, the whole Underverse thing was just, well, too unwieldy for me, a case of too much and not enough sense.

In any case, whatever they end up calling the sequel, it’ll be a while before they even get started, with Diesel currently doing another “Fast and Furious” installment and a “xXx” sequel waiting for him next. You’re probably looking at a 2012 start date, at the earliest.

'Must fight off clunky Underverse plot point!'

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