Mad Max 4 Coming In Stereoscopic 3d?

By endymi0n
Mar 5th, 2009

mad-small1Post Apocalyptic news seems to be a favorite story for me lately. As I data mine the interwebs for all the juicy nuggets of FI I can gather here in SciFiCool HQ, my eyes seem to repeatedly catch on stories dealing with that horrid possible future.I hope it’s not a sign.

It seems that George Miller, via MTV and Slashfilm is talking about his desire to make the next Mad Max, without Mr. Gibson and in 3D. Mad Max is old school world’s end stuff. Fast cars, leather jackets, the dusty desert and lots of Australian accents. No high tech visions for Max, just gyro-copters, leather clad frontier babes, wild dogs and gasoline lust.

I think Mel still has that Mad Max thing going for him. I’ll miss him.


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