Living Sci-Fi With Star Wars: The Old Republic

By endymi0n
Aug 22nd, 2009

The old RepublicMany of you Sci-Fi citizens, like me, get frustrated that we’re not living the life that constantly floats around in our imaginations. Watching or reading good or even bad Sci-Fi can be torture sometimes. I do not live on Coruscant or Naboo. I don’t have a Minority Report style computer interface nor can I jack into a Gibson flavoured Matrix. In fact, here where I am, perched upon the shores of the angry North Atlantic, I’m about to get pounded by an old school Hurricane named Bill and will most likely be living the powerless life for a few days. It’ll be candles and tuna fish for this guy for a bit I think.

I’ve been following Bioware and Lucas Art’s “Star Wars: The Old Republic” for some time now. The Old Republic is a massively multiplayer game obviously set in the Star Wars universe and looks awesome and fresh. I’ve played a ton of fantasy themed MMOGs and had some fun, killed a few Orcs, etc. It gets old. Thankfully, The Old Republic promises to be medicine for my Sci-Fi craving. Embedded below is about 20 minutes of in game footage that will hopefully get you pumped up to sort of live in the world Bioware is building. It’ll serve until my augmented reality implants get installed. Thanks IGN.

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