Len Wiseman to Direct Atlantis Rising

If you had a big-budget sci-fi action movie that you needed a director for, you go to Michael Bay. Failing that, Len Wiseman ain’t such a bad choice, either. Wiseman is the director of the first two “Underworld” movies, and recently brought John Mclane out of retirement and back to the big screen with “Live Free or Die Hard”. The guy directs action movies. Big budget action movies. Which bodes well for the comic book-to-movie version of the independent series “Atlantis Rising”, which has the makings of a really big, spectacular sci-fi actioner with the right director attached.

Variety has news on Wiseman stepping behind the camera:

Len Wiseman has signed on to direct a bigscreen adaptation of the apocalyptic sci-fi comicbook “Atlantis Rising” for DreamWorks.

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who brought the project to DreamWorks back when the company was within the Paramount fold, are producing.

Created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, “Atlantis Rising” is a five-part miniseries published by Platinum Studios. Story kicks off when seismic disturbances at sea force world militaries to investigate the deepest part of the ocean, where an underground civilization emerges to engage in war with planet Earth.

A quick glance at the comics informs me that this has “environmental message” written all over it, which is fine and well, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the action. Go ahead, indulge in the Hollywood hot button of the year, just don’t forget to give me lots of stuff blowing up real good.

For those interested, you can read the entire “Atlantis Rising” limited series over (for free) here.

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