Julia Benson From Stargate Universe Comments On Her Breasts

Sci-Fi TV News, Star Trek Universe — By endymi0n on October 20, 2009

Julia Anderson 2Julia Benson, the apparent owner of those distracting boobs from last weeks SGU episode “Darkness” comments on the shots that have us all in a bit of a state.

I had her down as Julia Anderson for some reason. I guess the network connections between my brain hemispheres are degrading faster than I had hoped. My sincere apologies to Julia. Julia’s comment on the episode and the aftermath is long and intelligent. I’m not sure where I stand on the whole boob issue other than to say that she looked wild and proud and smart to me and so therefore I have much respect.

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  • Joseph Woodward says:

    I think Julia Anderson is one hot lady in Uniform & If you are reading this now Julia Anderson can I ask you out on a date, when you are Visiting UK in Liverpool because I am going into the Armed Forces soon next year. I think you are the most Beautiful Women in the World.

  • darrenphillips says:

    Yowzah! Think she'll take lunch with a Cambridge drama student?

  • mray says:

    “I had her down as Julia Anderson for some reason.”
    Apparently, that's her maiden name and what she is normally credited as.

  • kieronlea says:

    Julia Benson Rocks! you have great breasts and should rock em! hope to see more of you soon! (well done so far in SGU)

  • James D. says:

    All I can say is that she is a great actress since the first time I saw her and that shot in “Darkness” brings her to a whole new level. If someone were to ask me to rate her from a 1-10 scale, she would be more than anymore in existence. And no, I’m not a geek. lol All I can say is she she is HOTT. And, I respect her in every way. Of course she is beautiful, and not just her body, but her in overall. And what can I say, I’m a 21 year old guy and I know that she deserves to be respected and awed at the same time. I hope this makes it to the comments. I think it would be really cool if she read this…

  • dear sifi cool , hi my name is david b conway , and i do have comenmt just for stargate universe about there second season episode i did some research just off my own just before i came here on this website tonight i was watching the old movies of star trek and allso with i did check at all so at nasa website just about 2004 genesis planet and allso with the genesis seed capsule bomb as well / just at the the 2004 nasa they just just found crashed site just off the genesis capsule at 2004 and i was wondering of the new episode of stargate universe just about genesis planet system episode just to save there home planet episode / love david b conway

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