Jean-Claude Van Damme’s U.F.O. is Now Alien Uprising, Gets New Trailer

Alien Uprising (2012) Movie Image

Damn aliens are itching for a split-kick in the face!

Of course this isn’t REALLY a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie. As far as I know, he only has a cameo in this thing (not that I’ve seen it or anything, but he does only appear way at the end of the trailer, and if he has a bigger role, you’d think they would show him more often). Dominic Burns’ “Alien Uprising” was formerly called “U.F.O.”, but I guess “Alien Uprising” sounds more “alien” and “uprising”-ish.

Here’s the latest trailer for the film sporting the new moniker.

A group of friends awake one morning to find all electricity and power shut off, and an immense alien aircraft hovering in the air above their heads. Suddenly this regular group of friends is battling to survive, as the entire human race is threatened by the alien army hovering ominously above.

Starring Jean-Claude van Damme, Bianca Bree, Sean Brosnan, and Simon Phillips.

Opening in select theaters this June 21, 2013.

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