Jean-Claude Van Damme vs. U.F.O.s. (They Never Stood a Chance.)

This’ll teach them to invade when JCVD is on the case. With a shotgun, no less.

Jean-Claude Van Damme in UFO (2013) Movie Image

It started with a blackout, all power and communications down. Hours later city sized UFO’s invade the world’s skies. Then the war began… Five friends attempt to navigate their way to survival amidst deteriorating chaos as the world descends into terror and anarchy during an alien invasion and interstellar war.

“U.F.O.” stars Bianca Bree, Sean Brosnan, Simon Phillips, Julian Glover, Sean Pertwee and Jean Claude Van Damme. It was written and directed by Dominic Burn.

No word on a release date.

UFO (2013) Movie Poster

  • Reaper666

    11 January 2013 (UK)

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