You’ve been seeing some decent Sci-Fi lately. “Star Trek” was terrific. Terminator 4 was disappointing but had it’s moments of gunmetal glory. Soon, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” will be upon you, commanding your attention with giant neon coloured robots.

And of course there will be a few more passing Sci-Fi pictures this year that will catch our immediate fancy, amuse us, then trouble us no more. What I am truly waiting for and what will surely be one of the greatest Sci-Fi films of all time is James Cameron’s “Avatar”, in 3D, coming this December. High expectations are fine. I’m going all in with this one. Who’s with me?

Information about the movie has been a little sparse. We have heard some word from those having seen a little taste of the film here and there. The fortunate few who have seen “Avatar” have been silent on details but not superlatives. Today, via a conversation with Avatar’s producer Jon Landau, the lucky kids at Slashfilm bring us the most complete information on “Avatar” so far and I’m even more excited to see it.


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