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James Cameron Talks Avatar 3-D

James Cameron really, really likes 3D filmmaking. In fact, he loves it so much, and believes it will be the wave of the future, that he plans on making all of his future movies in 3D. Then again, considering that Cameron hasn’t made butkus in the last decade or so, I guess that means he’ll be making two or three more movies in this lifetime, right? Just kidding. Here’s what Cameron said about “Avatar” and his plans for it. He also reveals a little bit more about the movie’s plot, which concerns a human on an alien planet and intergalactic war.


“The essence of storytelling stays the same,” said Cameron. “Intense CG (computer-generated) scenes with multiple shots doesn’t change that. My greatest horror was the best thing we created would end up like the Ark of the Covenant and be put in a warehouse somewhere. I will make all my films in 3-D. I’ve been banging on the door at Microsoft since I introduced Windows Media 9 with LL Cool J and Bill Gates in 2002. Now I tell them, this is what you guys need to be doing. I’m going to continue to surf that wave.”

His new film, Avatar, features a man who tries to become a miner by combining his being with an alien during an interplanetary war in which aliens can manifest themselves through human bodies — avatars.

“‘Avatar’ will make people truly experience something,” said Cameron.”One more layer of the suspension of disbelief will be removed. All the syn-thespians are photo-realistic. Now that we’ve achieved it, we discovered CG characters in 3D look more real than in 2D. Your brain is cued it’s a real thing not a picture and discounting part of image that makes it look fake.”

You can read the rest of Cameron’s thoughts via the link above.

James Cameron

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