J.J. Abrams is Directing Star Wars: Episode 7

Nix January 24, 2013

The studio, of course, had no comment.

Which means it’s either true or not true. Or, er, somewhere in the middle. But probably true or not true. That’s usually how these things work.

But in the meantime, that’s the big news of the day — J.J. Abrams will be finishing up “Star Trek Into Darkness” and then trekking it over to “Star Wars: Episode 7″. (See what I did there?)

He’ll have to get a move on, though, because Disney has already penciled in a 2015 release date for their first “Star Wars” movie. Of course, it’s likely they would delay that date if they really have gotten Abrams and he tells them he needs more time.

Expect either an official confirmation (via a press release) or denial (via a publicist) from the studio soon enough…

Update: Did I say “probably”? I meant definitely. It’s a done deal. Abrams is directing “Star Wars: Episode 7″. Rejoice, fanboys.

Star Wars (1977) Movie Poster

Via : The Wrap

  • easteregg

    While he brought new life to Star Trek he changes so much from the originals that it didn’t follow. I hope he does not do this to Star Wars

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