Is Jolly Old England The Stage For Terminator 5?

By endymi0n
Jun 7th, 2009

The fellas at Bleeding Cool are reporting on a rumour that the next inevitable installment of the Terminator franchise will have the grim one, Christian Bale, as John Connor, time traveling to England in present day to battle those nasty metal malcontents. London is always awesome as a backdrop to anything. There’s an interesting juxtaposition of styles possible in this idea. Polite society, castles, umbrellas and evil robots with a hate on for humankind.

Why exactly does Skynet want to kill us again? I forget. I am a nice human. I like machines. I put air, gas and oil into my car on a regular basis. I defrag my hard drive. I treat my big screen T.V. better than some people treat their kids. So what’s the deal? Can’t we all just get along? Via Io9.


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